With a pedigree of providing some of the finest airsoft games played, UCAP returns to our original usp, Battlesim. Back in 2007 we had attended some fantastic events who used the phrase MILSIM. We all know that life in the military is small periods of "soldiering" and many periods of bone tasks. We felt the phrase MILSIM wasn't really what we were trying to achieve and wanted to find a middle ground of all the fun of the fair but none of the mundane stuff. We coined to word Battlesim to better explain what the event was really about, a good punch up. A bold claim? www.battlesim.co.uk will bring you straight back here!

What is Battlesim? 

Take a game of airsoft, roll it for the entire duration of the event, no breaks, no safe-zone, no arm-bands. What we do have it a command based game with ammo limits, team uniform/camouflage requirements, medic rules and in game staff to maximise the immersion. 

Upcoming Events:


UCAP GreenOps- SUNDAY 21st of February 2021 10am until 4pm

COUNTER INSURGENCY operations on the UKRAINIAN/RUSSIAN border. NATO Tasked with stopping supply lines of Russian separatist faction. Separatist mission to keep lines open and transfer weapons and drugs into Ukraine and return with cash.

Ticket price for both teams is £35, limited to 20 players per team.

Operation ROCK FIST

UCAP Valiant- SATURDAY 20th of March 2021 at 2pm going through to around 10am on SUNDAY 21st.

COUNTER TERRORISM operation based in Lukyanivska Prison SIZO#13 in the capital Kiev. NATO to retake prison following riot and recover HVT's

Ticket price for NATO team will be £65 and will be limited to 40 players. Opfor/Civpop will be played by staff.