About UCAP Airsoft

Cracking Day Ltd TA UCAP Airsoft was formed in 2007 after we were offered the lease on the Bunker. We had previously operated paintball sites but recognised that Airsoft was a better platform for the style of games we wanted to run. Our first site was GreenOps which we built in 2005. We have held some of the finest venues in the UK including the mighty Sandpit in Kent which operated for some 5 and a half years. We ran The Virus in Midhurst, The Wing at Bicester and then Shepton Mallet and we have also rented MOD sites for larger games. We also run the very popular SALVATION-Z Zombie experience and Gloucester Prison Events and Expriences.

We have qualified on-site first aiders and any accident is recorded in the accident book (we don’t get many and have never had a claim raised against us)

We hold £5million Public Liability insurance and £10million Employee Liability insurance.


Our sites are assessed for Risk.


All of our sites are secure and have no public access during gameplay.

We are a professional full time business, registered in the UK, for (and paying) corporation tax, VAT and paye.

Co registration Number: 6401570
VAT: 921 412 464

Our marshalling staff are selected to represent us after showing the right mindset and aptitude with a clear focus on the customer experience. Our staff never carry weapons, deal out marshal law or scream at you like little drill sergeants. Many of our staff have marshalled for Ucap for well over 10 years!

Here are some reviews based on 141 reviews we stand at 4.9 out of 5 (SIC):

Tom Fullwood (Facebook) - GreenOps

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to the staff at green ops today, i took my friends lad along for his fist ever game, he was buzzing all day! Staff where great and very supportive of him.
Also a big thanks to all who played, game play was great with an awesome bunch on both teams who also made him feel very welcome!
He’s gone home to ask santa for airsoft gear on his xmas list
Iv so far brought my physically dissabled younger brother to play at green ops and now a young newbie, im always so pleased with ucaps level of welcome and acceptance for payers of all ranges! Not all organisers are the same. (I shant name, names)
Thanks again all

Luke Burrow (Facebook) - Redemption

So me and my 3 friends made the 2 hour trip early Sunday morning for a long awaited game at the prison, and I have to say was the best site I have played at so far.
Marshals where on point with every game played and where extremely helpful to the new comers including myself getting used to the games and the site, having also played at the bunker run by the same guys I can say that if your playing either bunker or prison your going to have an awesome day!
Can’t wait to get back and play again!
Love the lumberjacks x

Michael Docker (Facebook) - The Bunker

Had a fantastic day with these guys at the Bunker. What an awesome venue. Really friendly staff and a great community of players. My first day in a couple of years and I had a group of complete novices with me. Everyone had a great time and left with some awesome stories to tell! Cheers guys. You’ll be seeing me again for sure!

Victor Voysey (Facebook) About all as he is keen as mustard!

I first played at bunker a few months ago and since then I’m hooked I have played at all three sites bunker , green ops , redemption (favourite is green ops ) but either way you will not be disappointed lovely bunch of Marshall’s and players so if your new or experienced Airsoft player your always made welcome so come come along don’t forget your warface.

We are on Facebook as a page, a group and instagram, links in the header bar.