UCAP Site Rules

Box or Drum mags to be used on support weapons only. We do not allow the use of two tone/transparent BB guns even if they are covered up/concealed or painted.

All players must be 16 year old or above, unless accompanied by an adult (over 18) who will take responsibility for their actions. The minimum age is 14, younger ages may be accepted on a case by case basis (father and son playing together etc) please call the office to discuss.

This list is an overview to help you ensure you arrive at any of our sites ready and able to comply with our rules.

You will be given a site specific briefing with full safety brief and rule clarification before ALL games at ALL sites

All sites have un-even surfaces, trip and fall hazards and suitable sturdy footwear is to be worn at all times.

Areas can get wet underfoot and become slippy. It is also dark in places at the UCAP Bunker, a torch is recommended.

Do not touch or move any parts of the structure or game props unless they feature as directed as part of the game being played.

EU Safety Approved eye protection must be worn at all times outside of the safe zone.

We strongly recommend full face protection, exposed face at your own risk.

Head protection is strongly advised as it offers some protection in the event of a trip or fall. At your risk if you don’t follow our advice.

Long trousers and sleeves should be worn to prevent injury.

The absolute maximum FPS on full auto guns and pistols is 350fps with a .20g bb on OUR chronographs. Sniper rifles can be used at GreenOps, 500fps for bolt action, 420fps for locked to semi electric guns these have a minimum engagement distance. Any weapon to be found running hotter will not be allowed to be used. Players found using a hot weapon not checked by UCAP or that has cheated the chronograph will be asked to leave. Due to the C.Q.B nature of the games we play, we take a very serious stance on hot weapons. We will be checking all guns and undertaking random spot checks for your safety. CO2 weapons and HPA are fine to use as long as they pass chronograph.

Weapons must be cleared and mags removed before entering the safe zone. No firing in the safe-zone, even dry.

Nothing louder than a 9mm or MK5 (Dangerzone, Enola Gaye etc) can be used and take care how you throw them. Players are not to retrieve BFG’s until end of game or area is captured, it is essential that any item deployed in the field is clearly and permanently marked with your contact details. Smokes are to be used GREENOPS only. No French bangers, crow scares, homemade or over pyro 120db can be used. 5m kill radius unless shielded by hard cover.

Lasers are allowed as long as they are red and of a low power output; do not point into others players’ faces. NO GREEN LASERS.

A hit occurs when a BB fired directly from a gun, or launched by a grenade or spring operated trap, strikes a player anywhere about their person or attire.

Gun hits and definite ricochets do not count as hits, but all other areas (head, equipment, mask, fingers, feet etc) do.

When you are hit, shout ‘hit’ and raise your hand. Leave the game zone keeping your arm raised to indicate to other players that you are out of the game. Do not linger in the game field. Outdoor sites often run medic rules and you will be advised during the briefing of this and how it works.

To simulate a knife kill,  place a hand purposely on an opponents shoulder and say “knife kill” No waving madly with a rubber knife screaming.

Dead players must try to avoid walk through hot areas and they must not be used for tactical gain. Other than to advise of your own current status dead players are not to talk.

If the rules of the game allow re-spawns, we may close respawn to allow play to pass through, camping on a respawn will result in it opening and you being shot very quickly.

Although we don’t mind a bit of adrenalin fueled aggressive shouting, we draw the line at fighting and verbal abuse. Cheat calling is expressly forbidden, seek a Marshal if you have an issue with another player.

Box or Drum mags to be used on support weapons only. We do not allow the use of two tone/transparent BB guns even if they are covered up/concealed or painted.

Other Stuff:

Whilst on the site you agree to being photographed, video recorded. These images may be published and distributed via the internet or in any other medium for promotional purposes.

Marshals’ decisions are final and are based on safety and good intent.
If you are unclear on any of these rules, or you have any questions about them, just ask one of our friendly, experienced marshaling staff.

Please put safety above any game constraints. If you or the marshals would see what you are doing as dangerous, then simply don’t do it.

Safety and security will always take precedence over gaming.

We reserve the right to seek recompense for deliberate damage out of game play.