UCAP VENDEtta at former hmp gloucester


UCAP Vendetta, is located just in the centre of Gloucester. Ucap’s 1st prison site former HMP Gloucester, play in a genuine Victorian prison, with the cells and landings as your backdrop for some serious fun.

With hundreds of rooms, corridors, cells, landings, outdoor streets and compounds  Vendetta is the latest CQB Urban Airsoft site, run by professionals for the players. Dark and light, multi-level battle in a massive venue- breach between blocks, fight up the stairs, bounce from building to building.About the only time you actually want to be in a prison, with the bonus of just being able to walk out!

With plenty of secure parking, dedicated safe-zone and its atmospheric setting, like Redemption, Vendetta is one not to be missed.

Have breakfast and lunch with our on-site cafe! 

There are proper toilets an indoor safe zone and secure parking.

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Games run fortnightly on a Sunday. 

You need to pre-book your tickets via the Tickets page. HERE 

Own kit price £37.55 for Sundays RENTALS + £15 

The site address is:

Former HMP Gloucester, Main Gate, Barrack Square, Gloucester GL1 2JN


Please do NOT arrive in the area until the 8.30 am gate opening time, keep noise and speed down. You will be met at the gatehouse and directed to parking.

Gates close at 09.45. Briefing prompt 10.00. Game ends around 16.15 ish but often later

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