UCAP GreenOps, our outdoor close quarter combat (C.Q.B) site, based midway between Portsmouth and London on the A3 at Liphook. All the fun of being outdoors without having to walk miles doing it!

Littered with bunkers, forts, military vehicles and other man-made and natural structures. UCAP GreenOps is a challenging and exciting environment to play in.

We are right next door to the Hollycombe Steam Collection in Liphook, Hampshire. Our entrance is 400m before theirs on the left.

There are site toilets, an on-site shop from Combat South selling the essentials. Snacks and a fully covered indoor safe zone.

Games run fortnightly on a Sunday. All dates are on our tickets page HERE

Own kit price £27.50 for Sundays. Rentals +£15

Please do NOT arrive in the area until the 8.30 am gate opening time, keep noise and speed down. You will be met at the gate and directed to parking.

Gates close at 09.45. Briefing prompt 10.00. Game ends around 16.15 ish but often later

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The nearest postcode is: GU30 7LP  


  1. In the centre of Liphook take Midhurst Road,  Hollycombe, Sainsburys and the railway station.
  2. Go past Sainsburys and bear right.
  3. As you leave Liphook on Midhurst Road, you’ll go over the railway bridge and then past Churchers junior school on the left. The road goes down a hill through the trees.
  4. At the very bottom of the hill you will see a wooden sign for IRON HILL, it is a forestry car park. Our entrance is in there, through the metal gate.
  5. Continue at NO MORE THAN 15MPH and GIVING WAY TO WALKERS up the track (it's smooth) for 500m go past the timber products yard. Carry on through the wooden gate (if shut, just open and close behind you) and our gate is 100m past this on the right.


Any problems on day getting to the site please call 07398875986

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